Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rat Creek Boulders

I went out to Leavenworth last week for a nice fall day with Kyle, Drew, and Joe (and Honcho). We visited the Rat Creek Boulders on the hard-to-access south side of Icicle Creek, and warmed up in the open, flat area directly across the river.

Warming UpJoey T on a Five-Star FaceKyle on Greatest Hit, a Sweet Lowball I Established In 2005Bubble Boy, also FA Me 2005. Good Job Me.

After a quick warm-up on the lower plateau, we headed straight up the hill to the flat plateau one step up the Rat Creek valley. I had heard rumors that this airy perch contained the goods, but had never hiked up to it. Drew and Johnny had taken the initiative to check it out last week, and with Drew's enthusiastic motion, we all signed on. The area is awesome.

The Upper Rat Creek Boulders

The talus field is not quite as big as this picture implies, but definitely contains future gems in addition to the half-dozen climbs that have already popped up. We did a handful of nice problems, including Kyle's first ascent of Required Taste, an awesome dyno problem that is straight out of one of the new school Yosemite areas... Though they require a pretty grueling hike on top of a seasonal river crossing, the Upper Rat Creeks are definitely a good addition to Leavenworth's long list of areas...

Kyle on A Big MoveDrew on A Funky TopoutKyle and Drew on Required Taste
Kyle on Woofman

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