Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reiter Foothills Focus Group Meeting

This is a short-notice announcement, but I wanted to alert everyone to an important meeting regarding the state Department of Natural Resources' planning process in the Reiter Foothills Area (used to access the Gold Bar bouldering).

There is a focus group meeting tomorrow, Wednesday April 28, in Everett that will discuss the various motorized and non-motorized options the DNR is considering in implementing their recreation plan for the Reiter Foothills area. It looks like there is a real chance that the road to the clearcut will remain closed indefinitely, and will be available for non-motorized access only. While this will prevent the clear-cut from being overrun with rock crawler machines, it means that climbers will have to continue hiking up the hill to access Gold Bar's fantastic bouldering. I'll be attending the meeting with Jonah Harrison and hopefully a few others to try and convince state officials to open the road to non-ORV users in order to better facilitate non-motorized access to the climbing, to Lake Isabel, and to the greater Snoqualmie National Forest in general.

It would be great if a number of climbers could show up at this meeting and make our voices heard. Here is the info from DNR:

Wednesday, April 28, 7:00 to 8:00 P.M.
Public Meeting Room #2 – West Side
Snohomish County Administrative Offices
3000 Rockefeller Ave
Everett, WA
For more information, contact Stan Kurowski at 360-854-2855

You can find information about the DNR's recreation plan for the Reiter Foothills area here.

Hope to see some of you there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime in Little Bavaria

Cortney and I have made it out to Leavenworth the last two weekends, which has been wonderful... the weather has been perfect (minus some early-morning rain), and we have been climbing on lots of new rocks. We have been climbing with lots of good friends and it has been really nice to get away from the city and the stress of school.

The Man, The Mystery, The Magic: Max Hasson

The L-Town monkeys discovered some boulders on the river directly below Icicle Buttress, at an area called The Dock that has yielded four or five quality problems.

Jeff on Fish and ChipsJohnny on Cool WhipJeff on Starboard AreteIsaac on Ready Whip

We also spent a day at the Labyrinth area, climbing on some new problems from last season and trying a new problem or two; especially noteworthy is Joel Campbell's problem The Nine Iron, an obvious five-star line that climbs a steep overhang in a few really tough moves. The Nine Iron is up and right from the area with Becky's Problem, about a five minute walk uphill and towards town on the downhill side of a smallish-looking boulder.

Joel and Johnny on The Nine IronDrew Schick on a New Line Next to GirlfunkCortney and Drew on Ballet

In other news, Johnny recently did the first ascent of the Tornado Arete at the Carnival Boulders. This is one of Leavenworth's 'last great projects,' and is without a doubt one of the hardest climbs in the area. Nice job Johnny! Additional congrats go to Drew Schick for recently sending the Practitioner. Nice job Drew! It has already been a good spring season, and I look forward to the development the coming summer months will bring... Hope everyone has been getting out!

Cortney on Sunshine DaydreamCassie BearJeff on Filibuster - B.D. is Psyched

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bishop Part II

Here's a video and a few more pics from our trip to Bishop. A great time...

I've been really busy recently, but there is some recent development in Leavenworth that I'll report on in a few days. New boulders! I hope everyone has been getting out - spring is here in full force!

Me Climbing Pow Pow

Me, Cortney, and Joel Zerr on the Bowling PinJoel Zerr Posted UpMe on Soul SlingerCortney on Strength in NumbersCortney and IMe on the Painted Cave - Best Moderate Problem in Bishop?A Long Way From My Roots...Evening on Buttermilk Road

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bishop Part I

In the end of March, Cortney and I took a trip to Bishop, CA for a week of fun in the sun. We were not let down. Several groups of friends from Seattle, Reno, and Las Vegas all bailed on plans to come down, but it allowed Cortney and I to spend lots of quality time together. During the final two days of our trip, our good friends Joel and Hannah graced us with their company.

Our Campsite AKA Mt. Kellortney-y
We had eight days of good weather, bordering on warm at some points but not too bad, especially after several months of Northwet winter. We spent most of our time in the Buttermilks, with a few days at the Happies and one at the Sads. Neither of us really "got" any good "sends" to report, but we did climb on lots of fun problems. Cortney climbed really well and came heartbreakingly close on several things, but I suppose they will have to wait for next time. I was feeling more than a little weak from so much school-time, so I was sort of forced to lay low and play on a wide variety of fun climbs. I did manage to send Pow Pow at the Sads, which I think is one of the best climbs in Bishop's volcanic areas. Other than that, I flashed the Mandala, downgraded Ambrosia, and put up a new line on the Grandpa Peabody Boulder (which you may have read about). No big deal really, just a standard vacation for me...

Anyhow, here's the first batch of pictures; I'll upload another batch soon.

Cortney on SerengettiHappies Highballin'Name That Climb...Me on a Fun Sads ProblemThe Log Lady (this one is for Drew & Jeanna)