Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Zimbabwe Walls

Here's me climbing Joel Campbell's new highball Great Zimbabwe Walls in Index. Quality! Enjoy...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Index Problem...

Here's Joel Campbell climbing another problem in Index. Not sure what this one is called, but it's pretty tough for such a short climb. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here's another video from Index this weekend, just because I haven't had time to sort through the pictures yet. I felt pretty badass when I put this problem up, seeing as it was the end of the day and it felt pretty hard... a fun little ego trip that ended abruptly when Cortney walked up it in two tries! Nice job Cortney!

FA of Bushman

Monday, April 27, 2009

Midnite Video

We've been exploring, discovering, and cleaning new boulders in Index during the last week, and I'm really excited about the development we've done and the potential for more problems. The rock is impeccable, the setting it perfect, and we've found plenty of big boulders. I'll have more pictures up in a day or two, but for now, here is a video of Kyle O'Meara doing the second ascent of Joel Campbell's brand-new problem Midnite.
Midnite is on a boulder we definitely didn't discover, but judging by the initial crumblies, the vast amounts of moss, and, well, the difficulty, we're pretty sure it hasn't been climbed. I'll try to put together directions, and maybe even a topo for this and other boulders soon, but for now shoot me an email if you want directions. Enjoy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tree Time

I've been spending a bit more time in the tree now that I'm feeling well, and it has been great. Joel and I moved the anchor a little bit higher, so now it's almost half of a 60 meter ropelength to the top hammock. I'd still rather be climbing, but it sure beats sitting in the library...

Joel Climbing Joel Psyched The View West to the Olympic Mountains

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leavenworth Yet Again...

I was back out in Leavenworth this past weekend, doing a bit more climbing as well as plenty of watching. The weather was gorgeous both days, and it was great to be out there once again. The main highlight of the weekend, for me at least, was cleaning and climbing what is probably a new problem at the Egg Rock area (AKA Jerry Garcia Boulders). Actually, the real highlight of the weekend was when Jeff got my Subaru un-stuck from the mud using a dog leash, but that's another story.

The 'new' climb is on the boulder directly adjacent to the Jerry Garcia boulder, facing up-canyon. There was a pre-existing problem climbing the easyish crack on the left side of the face, but as far as I know, the line climbing the center of the face from an incut block hold was undone. I spent a while cleaning it, and then climbed it in a half hour or so... nothing especially amazing, but great fun nonetheless. Until someone tells me it's already been done, I'm calling it Dark Star to stick with the Grateful Dead theme (it's also sort of a knock-off version of the Jerry Garcia problem, like the tribute band Dark Star Orchestra). Cortney took a short video of the climb, which I'll post below the pics. Without further ado...

Joel Campbell attempting a low start to Alfalfa or Spanky
Cortney on the Fridge
Drew Schick on The Terrible
Kyle and Kona
Drew on a fun lump behind the Goicoechea Boulder at the Beach
Johnny G on a Project
Cortney on Twisted Tree

FA? of Dark Star, Egg Rock

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leavenworth Pics

Here are some pics from Leavenworth this weekend... they're mostly of Johnny's new problem Thunderdome in the Mad Max cave at the JY Boulders. Good times.

I think I'll be heading either out to Leavenworth or up into the forest of Gold Bar this weekend, for a fun day of exploring and cleaning some projects we found this winter. School is still keeping me busy, but I'm starting to feel a lot better and should be climbing soon, so it's easy to stay psyched.

Also, I'd just like to take a moment to note Adam Classens' blog, Koan Bouldering. Adam is a really nice guy, and he's been crushing recently... I recommend checking out his blog for cool pictures and videos of Adam and friends bouldering in the northwest. Keep up the good work Adam!

Without further ado, here are the pics:

Joel on Thunderdome
Cole Allen on Thunderdome
A Toilet in the Snow
Camping Monkeys
The One, The Only... Max Hasson

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thunderdome FA

I was back out in Leavenworth this weekend, climbing with an even larger group of people. I think there were 20 people around the fire on Saturday night... The weather was good on Friday and Saturday, and we all had a blast. I'll upload some pictures in a day or two, but for now here's a raw video of Johnny climbing a new problem, yet another one listed as a project in Central Washington Bouldering to go down.

The climb is a right variation to Mad Max at the JY Boulders, adding several hard moves in the steeps to a long, pumpy topout. Johnny flashed the stand start, which I can personally attest is an inspiring feat - I couldn't even do several moves when I worked on it in the past. After another half-hour, he climbed the full line, starting as for Mad Max and moving right after the first two moves. Johnny kicked around a few names, including "Mad Joel," but I think he settled on Thunderdome or Return to Thunderdome. Yet another example of a five-star problem just popping up in Leavenworth...

Johnny G on the FA on Thunderdome

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leavenworth Weekend!

Cortney and I finally made it out to Leavenworth this past weekend for some sweet climbing adventures. We drove out on Friday evening and spent the night at the Peshastin House. It was great to see Max, Ryan, and their honorary housemate Drew Schick. Even Kyle O was there! On Saturday, we climbed around for a while before we met up with our Canadian Friends Jamie, Rich, and Ryan, among others. Saturday night we camped in the Icicle, and spent Sunday climbing with the posse.

While I didn't really climb (save one or two mini-boulders), it was awesome to be outside in one of my favorite places in the world, Icicle Canyon. This weekend's real highlights were Cortney's sends of The Pony Ride on the Cotton Pony boulder and Busted at Fuzz Wall. It was awesome to watch her send The Pony Ride in three tries, after spending five or six days on it last summer! It will be exciting to see what Cortney will climb this summer! I'm going to leave it at that... here are the pictures:

The view from the Peshastin porch
Max attempting Right Angles
Kyle working The Cotton Pony
Cortney on Twisted Tree
Carlin on Twister
Cortney on Haunted Shack
Cortney on Busted (at Fuzz Wall)
Look at me go!
Evening Sky in the Icicle
Drew working the top of Span Man
Ryan O on a project
Johnny on the project