Monday, July 30, 2012

LW Photos

  Everyone on Chubby Fairy

Drew on a Project at Fern Gully

Dimitry on The Moudra 

Lizzy Asher Sticking the Ninja Kick on The Lonely Fish

Ben Shear on the Millennium Boulder

Cortney and Karlyn on Beckey's Problem

Joe on Ivy


Monday, July 23, 2012

Alpental Bouldering

Yup.  Cortney, Joel, Geoff, and I hiked up to some boulders above the Alpental ski resort in Snoqualmie Pass this past weekend, and needless to say we were psyched about what we found.  I did a recon hike to the area last fall, and I was inspired to check it out again by recent internet posts from Colordao.  I wasn't sure about how much snow we would encounter on our journey, but we weren't very far into the hike before we found out...

The Last Leg of the Approach

Most of the boulders were buried in snow, but the one primo face in the area is so overhanging that it was dry, and it was well worth the two-mile hike/climb.  Without any snow, this face would be a very committing highball.  There are still many lines to be done in the basin, including some on boulders where the snow is literally fifteen feet deep.  Here are some photos from the day, and a video of Joel doing the FA of the only (known) established problem in the area, a five star problem by any standard.  There's not much more I can say to emphasize the quality of this face.  Enjoy!

Finally in the Basin


Geoff and Me on Xibalba

Joel is Pissed About the Hike

But It Was Worth It!

Magical Evening Light

Joel on the First Ascent of Xibalba and Attempting a Project
(HD on Vimeo)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Three from South Lake

Here's a short video of Cortney and I climbing three problems in South Lake Tahoe on our recent trip.  Enjoy!


- Aztec - Toltec Boulder
- Touch Your Toes - Hate Handles
- Hate Handles - Hate Handles

HD on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Cortney and I just returned from a impromptu week-long trip to Lake Tahoe; we had intended to head to Squamish for the week, but when the forecast went downhill, we headed south...  We had a wonderful time. Tahoe is an amazing eastern-Sierra haven! There are so many areas, each with a short Leavenworth-style approach, but all at 6,000-7,000 feet, which does wonders for the rock quality, the climate, the flora, and the fauna.

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Kyle on the Campfire Arete

Our Campsite Near Klamath Falls, OR - Not Bad At All

Kyle on the Sit Start to Natiri at the Saddle Boulders

 Me and Kyle on the Campfire Arete

The Local Posse

 Arturo Going Big on a New Line

 Someone Take Some of the Pads Away...

 Me on Hate Handles - Psyched to Climb this 'Off the Couch'!!!

 Cortney Trying Aztec

Justin and Joel on A New (?) Line at the Saddle Boulders

Cortney and Hannah on a Project