Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lake Serene Video

Here's a short video of three new problems established two weekends ago at Lake Serene.  It had been a while since I had climbed at Lake Serene, but I left wondering why more boulderers don't go up there -- it is a fabulous little slice of faux-alpine bouldering that is literally right in Seattle's backyard...  The hike is an ass-kicker, but it is hard to complain about a three-mile hike with no altitude when you're standing underneath some of the climbs...  A lot of people work a lot harder for steep, featured climbing in the mountains!

I will follow this post with some pictures from the weekend in a few days, but for now, enjoy the following video of a few choice climbs...

I feel tempted to post more explicit beta for the area, but directions to the lake are ubiquitous, and the only real beta you need is "hike around the lake to the boulders."  A large part of the fun is exploring the surprisingly-large jumble of boulders, and the fact that none of the problems have been graded and very few named...  So just check it out and enjoy!  Note:  If camping, make sure to camp more than 1/4 mile away from the lake - i.e., nowhere in the basin surrounding the lake.