Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leavenworth Weekend!

Cortney and I finally made it out to Leavenworth this past weekend for some sweet climbing adventures. We drove out on Friday evening and spent the night at the Peshastin House. It was great to see Max, Ryan, and their honorary housemate Drew Schick. Even Kyle O was there! On Saturday, we climbed around for a while before we met up with our Canadian Friends Jamie, Rich, and Ryan, among others. Saturday night we camped in the Icicle, and spent Sunday climbing with the posse.

While I didn't really climb (save one or two mini-boulders), it was awesome to be outside in one of my favorite places in the world, Icicle Canyon. This weekend's real highlights were Cortney's sends of The Pony Ride on the Cotton Pony boulder and Busted at Fuzz Wall. It was awesome to watch her send The Pony Ride in three tries, after spending five or six days on it last summer! It will be exciting to see what Cortney will climb this summer! I'm going to leave it at that... here are the pictures:

The view from the Peshastin porch
Max attempting Right Angles
Kyle working The Cotton Pony
Cortney on Twisted Tree
Carlin on Twister
Cortney on Haunted Shack
Cortney on Busted (at Fuzz Wall)
Look at me go!
Evening Sky in the Icicle
Drew working the top of Span Man
Ryan O on a project
Johnny on the project

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