Friday, April 9, 2010

Bishop Part I

In the end of March, Cortney and I took a trip to Bishop, CA for a week of fun in the sun. We were not let down. Several groups of friends from Seattle, Reno, and Las Vegas all bailed on plans to come down, but it allowed Cortney and I to spend lots of quality time together. During the final two days of our trip, our good friends Joel and Hannah graced us with their company.

Our Campsite AKA Mt. Kellortney-y
We had eight days of good weather, bordering on warm at some points but not too bad, especially after several months of Northwet winter. We spent most of our time in the Buttermilks, with a few days at the Happies and one at the Sads. Neither of us really "got" any good "sends" to report, but we did climb on lots of fun problems. Cortney climbed really well and came heartbreakingly close on several things, but I suppose they will have to wait for next time. I was feeling more than a little weak from so much school-time, so I was sort of forced to lay low and play on a wide variety of fun climbs. I did manage to send Pow Pow at the Sads, which I think is one of the best climbs in Bishop's volcanic areas. Other than that, I flashed the Mandala, downgraded Ambrosia, and put up a new line on the Grandpa Peabody Boulder (which you may have read about). No big deal really, just a standard vacation for me...

Anyhow, here's the first batch of pictures; I'll upload another batch soon.

Cortney on SerengettiHappies Highballin'Name That Climb...Me on a Fun Sads ProblemThe Log Lady (this one is for Drew & Jeanna)

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