Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Asana Pad

Joel, Johnny, Isaac, and I just received a serious batch of crash pads from Asana. Our good buddy from Portland, Adam Healy, started working for the company recently and suggested we try their pads.

Cortney Pad Testing On The Pocket

We were not disappointed. The guys from Boise hooked it up, giving us a good deal and a custom rasta color scheme. We each ordered a Disturbed Pad, Gunther size, with the firm foam option.

The Non-Gunther Disturbed Pad
The pads are just slightly smaller than standard "mondo" pads, making them a touch lighter and much easier to carry. They are a beefy 5 inches thick, and include an inch of hard foam on both sides - a superb innovation. The hard foam on the top is also smartly continuous through the fold to prevent that mid-fold tailbone bruising that happens more often than one would expect. The pads also have thick, comfortable shoulder straps that are comparable to what you would see on a real backpack; the same goes for the waist belt. There is even a chest strap!

Joel Likes His New Pad

The Disturbed Pad also includes a nifty no-spillage closure system and "pit protectors," straps on the ground side that can be cinched to prevent the pad from folding into holes. They are fully customizable, so anyone can create their own unique design (or get silly matching pads with their friends like we did).

I would definitely recommend Asana pads, and especially the Disturbed Pad, to anyone in the market. I don't really have anything negative to say about it, except that it is a tad heavy, but then again I've never owned a large-sized pad before. Mine has been great to fall on, and I think its burly straps and innovative size will make it great for longer excursions into alpine territory. More importantly, they just look so good with the fall colors... Thanks Adam! And thanks Asana!!

Johnny On A Project At ForestlandMore Leavenworth Pad Testing

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