Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yosemite Part IV - Tuolumne

The four of us spent the last couple of days of our trip in Tuolumne on the strong advice of our good friend Jens Holsten. It turned out to be the perfect respite from the heat and the crowds that had defined our experience in the Valley. We started climbing at the Gunks, an old-school area named for the resemblance it shares with the blocky roofs of the Shawangunks in upstate New York. This was an awesome area, and though we were all feeling a little creaky and sore, we had a long and enjoyable session here.
Half Dome from Olmstead Point
Me on Cellulite Eliminator
Joel Highballin'
Tenaya Lake from Olmstead Point
Later in the day, we headed over to Puppy Dome to check out Chris Sharma's Thunderbird and play on some of the fun moderates nearby. Though a bit smaller than the Gunks, this area had some really nice rock and hinted at the larger potential that must exist in Tuolomne. I was very impressed with the bouldering up there - the wide open views and vast expanses of granite reminded me of areas in the Enchantments and North Cascades, and made me excited to do more exploration in the Washington Pass area (stay tuned). I would highly recommend a short visit to Tuolumne to anyone on a bouldering trip to Yosemite.

Me on a Fantastic Warm-Up
Joel Sending The Proj
Thunderbird - Crazy!
Joel and Drew Scrambling
Me 'n' Cortney

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