Friday, October 2, 2009

Yosemite Part II - Camp 4

I took a lot of pictures in Yosemite, so to break them up I'm going to post them by area - starting with the infamous Camp 4, which I'm told is the center of the universe.

We only climbed at Camp 4 for two sessions, but the area was really warm and sunny during the day and we were generally more psyched on checking out more secluded areas. I was still really impressed with the quality of the bouldering in Camp 4. It wasn't as greasy and traveled as I had remembered, and some of the climbs are just out of this world. One climb that I had really wanted to try was Midnight Lightning, but between the heat and my crappy skin I didn't even try it... Like most of my bouldering experiences during this trip, my visits to Camp 4 only whet my appetite for a return trip. Here are the pics.

Classic Warm-Ups on the Wine Boulder
Joel on King Cobra
El Capitan
Joel and Drew on Bachar Cracker
Joel on the Dominator
Me and Joel on Tendons Give
Camp 4 Wildlife
Joel on Thriller

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