Monday, October 12, 2009

Yosemite Part III - Valley Boulders

Here are some more pics from our trip to Yosemite. We made a good effort to climb at other areas besides Camp 4, and these photos depict a host of other areas that were both far less crowded and far less travelled: The Sentinal Boulders, Candyland, and Curry Village (well, so much for less travelled). Anyhow, it was really great to get to see a wide variety of problems in an equally wide variety of settings. I'd have to say that Candyland was one of my favorite areas we visited, simply because of its off-the-beaten-path location and relatively fresh feeling stone. It reminded me of Washington, only slightly different. Here are the pics:

Cortney on Zorro Joel on the Perfect Move Drew on No Holds Bard Me on Spanish FlyRoadside Coffee Break Sweet Swimming Hole Cortney on Once Upon A Time Me on The Diamond Cortney Warming Up at Candyland James Lucas is Psyched Joel on Across The Tracks

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