Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After a couple of posts relating to Squamish climbing, I’ll return to spraying about myself and about Washington. Specifically, I want to write about a climb I recently put up in Gold Bar: Citroen.

Citroen lies far off the beaten path, way above the main forest in a hidden spot that would be impossible to describe [less-than-subtle hint]. I found it during that window of springish weather Gold Bar has every February, but never returned to it until this summer. I was lucky enough to have last week off, and found the problem again on Tuesday. I instantly started cleaning. I tried it for about an hour that day, managing to do all the moves but unable to send it in its damp just-cleaned state. I returned on Wednesday, only to find that the evening fog had turned into bona fide precipitation and soaked the boulder. Disappointed, I hiked down and turned my energy elsewhere. On Thursday, I went back up with Cortney and did the climb in a few tries. I named the climb Citroen because for some reason it reminded me of one of those smart little European cars. While it’s not too tough, it was nice to be able to dedicate the time to cleaning and climbing a fun new problem. If I spent all of my climbing time doing this, I would be a happy camper. Here’s a video of the FA:

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