Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Happy or Legs Go Snappy

I was out in Leavenworth this weekend and got to witness Johnny doing the FA of the longstanding roof project at the Carnival Boulders. If you've ever been to the Carnivals, you've probably noticed the huge looming roof on the largest boulder. You have also probably been disappointed to see the total dearth of holds, save for a large rail stretching sideways across the base of the overhang. Adam Healy recently rapped down and cleaned a line on the left arete that follows an incipient seam to top out at the edge of the roof. This Saturday, we brought a ton of pads up there and Johnny gunned down the FA - flash. It is clear to me that this line represents a distinctly new-school Leavenworth line. The crux moves are 20+ feet over jagged boulders, and the climb would probably not have been possible without Adam's rappel cleaning. Adam has been cleaning several other lines of equal height and quality, and I'm sure that this Fall will see the opening of more tough and committing lines like this.

I'll have some pictures to post in the next couple days, but for now, here's Scott Mitchell's video of Adam on the second ascent of Big Happy or Legs Go Snappy. Enjoy!

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