Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leavenworth Again

I headed out to Leavenworth again this past weekend with Cortney. We arrived on Friday evening and camped in the Icicle. Saturday was a gorgeous day with perfect fall weather. We started at the Fridge Boulder, where we met up with Jessica Campbell. I had fun warming up on the classic lines while Cortney worked on the center line and Jessica worked on the left line. I was psyched for Cortney to climb with a strong chica like Jessica instead of just listening to me spray beta all day...
Cortney on the Fridge Center

Jessica working the Fridge Left

After hanging out at the Fridge for a while, Jess went to work and Cortney and I went up to try an unclimbed dihedral on the same clean face as Kyle's line From Russia With Love. Johnny had come close to climbing this problem a couple weeks earlier, and I wanted to see how it felt to me after two years away from it. It still felt hard, though a little better. Maybe I could send this one with a bit more work. Johnny will probably send it first try on his next visit... it's a good thing I'm not competitive. Anyhow, our plan had been to come home on Saturday evening, but we felt the need for another night under the stars, so Cortney and I headed up to Mt. Home and camped for the evening. On Sunday, we climbed for an hour before starting the drive back over the mountains. I was feeling pretty frustrated on Sunday evening as I sat in the library trying to focus on the immense amount of reading I had, and I was playing catch-up until I stayed late to finish old assignments on Tuesday night. I'll finish all my work for Monday before I take off this weekend...

Me, in the role of amateur contortionist

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