Thursday, October 23, 2008


I managed to make it out to Leavenworth for two days last weekend, and it was incredible. The temps have finally started to drop, the weather was bluebird, and the changing leaves on the hillsides formed a gorgeous pastiche of red, yellow, and green. I didn't manage to take that many pics, but I got a few of Johnny, Joel, and SchickD, and I at the 420 Boulder in the Icicle. Not much else of note occured during the weekend, except that Johnny got the second ascent of Joel Campbell's Angelina Jolie, and Joel snagged the first ascent of the Africa Project at the Labyrinth, followed shortly thereafter by Johnny. James and Ryan were out on Saturday, which always makes for some good fun. I tried the Practitioner a bit but I think I'm going to start calling it the Practushioner because it kicks my ass every time. Joel Zerr was on loan from Reno for the weekend again and crushed some gnar, including sends of The Coffee Cup and From Russia With Love. Hopefully he'll follow through on his plan to move back to Washington...

I hope to make it outside for two days again this weekend, but it seems equally likely that I'll just climb one day. Law school has started to get a bit rediculous, and the hours I spend away from school each day seem to have dwindled permanently into the sinlge digits. I have re-discovered climbing at the UW Rock, however, which has been a great stress reliever. Hopefully the Seattle rains will hold off for a few more weeks so I can continue to enjoy the sunny concrete climbing by Lake Washington...

Joel and Ivy are psyched
Joel on a new slab problem at the 420 Boulder

The Meadow

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