Friday, September 26, 2008

More Leavenworth Pics

Here are some more pics from last weekend in Leavenworth. The only really noteworthy news of the weekend was that Johnny completed the probable first ascent of the big, sandy hueco line below the Forestland parking lot. I had tried this climb on mini-traxion with Kyle earlier this summer and I can personally attest to the height and difficulty... the mantle is one of the harder top-outs in Leavenworth, and is way up there. In other news, Cortney came close to finishing the Pony Ride on her second day of effort, and Joel Zerr's Finished Product is too tough for me. We're headed back out there tonight to spend Saturday bouldering amid the changing colors of fall.
Me on Finished Product
Cortney on The Pony Ride
Cleaning + Consultation
Johnny on the likely FA of No Strings Attached
The Artist in action
Johnny coming close to completing the low start to Batman, Batman Begins
Max on the most difficult crack in the world

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