Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mercedes FA

Here's a video of Kyle O'Mera climbing the likely first ascent of 'Mercedes' on the Five Star Boulder, the tall line between Ross Bongo, AKA Trigger Point, and the Five Star Arete.  The line has been tried by many strong climbers on and off with no success that I'm aware of, and people had come to think of it as the Five Star's last great project.

I write that Kyle climbed the "likely" first ascent of the line because I don't want to incite the type of "redevelopment" debates that sweep across Colorado like wildfires every summer, and in Washington, you never know.  The real kudos for this climb go to Bob Buckley, whose recent cleaning efforts on the boulder have given it quite the hi-pro glow...

Nice job Kyle!


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  2. I climbed this yesterday, such a good little problem! Climbs really well. Thanks to Kyle for putting it up!

    Up in the Sanctuary on the back of the Samaruai boulder there is a pretty cool slab climb that wasn't in the guide. Does it have a name? After figuring out the scary top out, it turned out to be a pretty fun little slab!

    Thanks for all the work you guys do out there!