Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alpental Pt. 2

Cortney, Joel, and I headed back up to Alpental the other weekend to see how the boulders looked at this point in the season.  Much of the snow had melted, and the snow that was left did little to smooth out the rocky landings.  We did a few new climbs, and explored a bit more, but the big flat face that really drew us to the area would require 10+ pads to protect.  The good news is that the approach is a lot easier without snow, but I walked away with the conclusion that the area is really only viable during a short period in July or August depending on the year's snowpack.  I'll probably make one or two more trips up there this fall, but the area's real gems will have to wait until next year... 

Nice Scenery...

Cortney on a New Line

Joel on a Hard Project

A Rare Safe Landing - the Danger Here Comes from Above!

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