Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home Wallin'

The winter months here in Washington bring quite a bit of rain. Cortney and I have been lucky enough to get outside somewhat frequently this winter, but there have still been plenty of weekend days spent in the city, doing work for school or hanging out with friends. To temper the madness, we have been climbing on our home wall... I'd like to say we have been training, but my definition of training begins where it stops being fun, and that's when I usually stop climbing.

Isaac Crushing

Our wall isn't the biggest or steepest, but it is nice to be able to climb outdoors, and with no more than a few of your friends. It's also nice to have control over when and how we set the wall (having lots of feet makes me happy). I recently got a fancy Dewalt impact driver, and this past weekend we stripped the entire wall and re-set it. The first time we changed the holds around, it took about an hour; this time it took three or four. I guess we have added a lot of T-nuts and holds! I'm also really out of practice since my days setting at Stone Gardens... I was quite sore, and I didn't move nearly as many holds around as during a four-hour setting shift. I have lots of respect for gym routesetters, it's a job that involves a lot of tough work and not much recognition. Anyhow, here are a few shots of our modest efforts.

Cortney CrushingMe Straining

Hope everyone makes it out this weekend, the weather looks perfect.

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