Friday, February 27, 2009

Gold Bar Forest Day

I headed up to Gold Bar a week ago with Cortney, Drew, and Joel, hoping to hike up to the new spot and climb on some projects. We did get to hike up there, but the forest was covered in a residual layer of snow and we simply turned around and hiked back down. We climbed in the Clearcut on Saturday evening, camped at the top of the hill, and then had a nice day in the forest on Sunday.

We spent most of the day on the Funpuppet boulder, another small boulder below El Navigante, and the Midnight Lichen boulder on the trail to the Sanctuary. It was a nice day with lots of climbing...

Sunny Morning Cortney Warming Up Attempting Funpuppet Joel on Dookie's Direct

Cortney on Jer-Bear's Hug Cortney on Midnight Lichen

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