Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Our house gained another member last week... Joel was working at an apartment complex all week and noticed a cat sitting outside the door of an empty apartment. According to another tenant, he was abandoned by the people who had moved out several months before. After thinking about it all week, Joel finally brought him home. He ran away for a couple days, then made a triumphant return. He is a VERY small orange kitty, and he has been named Gideon. The Richie Spice reference was natural as his last owner had given him the Boot.
Gideon has since figured out that our house is his new home, and has settled in quite nicely. The two dogs are doing all right with him. Cassie is pretty excitable, but is good about keeping her distance. Ivy couldn't care less as long as somebody is petting her. Gideon is totally oblivious to both of them. At this point he spends most of his time sitting in his chair and working hard on regaining some weight. He'll be a happy little fatty in no time...

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