Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joe's Valley Photos

Sadly, this post won't include any Washington updates...  I've been busy working on the guide and the photos I've been snapping recently have been boring "topo" photos of boulders.  But it is an exciting time to be a boulderer in Washington -- more on that later!

For the time being, here are some pictures from our trip to Joe's Valley this April.  Such an amazing place!

Karlyn on the perfect Kill By Numbers

The Inimitable Kyle O'Meara

Drew Pimpin' by the Storm Trooper

Cortney Crushing

Kyle O Staying Cool on The Kraken

Drew Schick Being Goofy and...

... Crushing Nerve Extension...

... And Trent's Mom.

Cortney on the classic Low Tide

[back to Drew] 
... and Playmate of the Year...

... And Beyond Life.

Can't even do it...

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