Wednesday, January 23, 2013

North Cascades Video

I went through some old footage this weekend and put together this video short of four problems in the North Cascades that we climbed during the early summer of 2012. 

The first and last problems are FAs, while the middle two are unnamed/unknown.  Kudos to Drew Schick on having the vision and chutzpah to establish Blazing Saddles, a proud and intimidating problem with a terrible approach through a steep jungle of new growth.

Enjoy the glimpse of what things are like here in Washington when the weather is good!  I hope everyone took advantage of the sunny, dry weather in Gold Bar during the past week or two, as it doesn't seem like it will be sticking around... 


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  2. There are a lot of videos on the internet now (OK, only three) of me punting off of boulder problems, but I like this video...I really do.

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