Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Good Picture Tells A Story

Like most clichés, the phrase probably gained traction because it rang so true. Cheers to climbers like Sam Davis, Walker Kearney, the Lloyd Family, Max Hasson, Jens Holsten, Jonathan Siegrist, and these crazy Scandinavian guys, who use pictures to tell stories about their climbing adventures. Joe Kinder is probably at the top of the heap, due mostly to his energy and his beatific affect, but also to the constant stream of crisp, thoughtful, and colorful photos he offers the world.

Pictures don't spray. They don't speak in grades, but in gradations: shades, tones, textures. They transcend the banal. Imperfections are laid bare. They offer a hint of what lies beyond the computer screen, in a way that only the most gifted writers can accomplish. Storytellers...

I’ve given a lot of thought to the camera’s role as storyteller during the past few weeks, and I've tried to remain present with it when I've been out climbing. It has been daunting, but rewarding.

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