Monday, May 16, 2011

The Airfield

Here are some pictures from the Airfield, a new area high on the hillside above Mad Meadows in the Icicle. Drew Schick gets credit for re-discovering the area this winter, though other Leavenworth locals had probably seen it before. I hiked up to the Airfield with Drew for the first time in early April, and have been motivated to hike back up a few times. The rock at the Airfield is diverse, with some gritty pink granite, some smooth salt-and-pepper granite, and some 'newer' grey rock. There are 25-30 problems, with a lot in the moderate range. Best of all, the Airfield is perched way up the hillside, offering clear views of Mountain Home Road, the Pearly Gates, and the lower Stuart Range. An awesome addition to the Canyon!

Joel on a Nice ModerateThe View from the AirfieldDrew on Punxsutawney PhilThe Airfield
(A juvenile cougar is visible on a rock just above the big white boulder - really!)
The Airfield is about 10 minutes above Pimpsqueak. To find it, follow the Playground Point trail directly uphill from the Hanta Man / Superman boulder. Follow the trail up and right briefly, then work up and left along the base of some small slabby cliffs. At the 'end' of the cliffband, turn the corner and continue up and right for five minutes. The Airfield boulders are scattered under a small scarred dome. The UFO boulder is another five minutes uphill from the main zone.

Here are some more pictures. Enjoy!

Cortney on the CroissantJoel on the UFO RoofDrew Warming UpJoey T on AgapeJohnny on a ProjectJoel on the Drive-On Project

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