Monday, April 4, 2011

Joe's Valley Photos

Here is the first batch of photos from Cortney and my trip to Joe's Valley. Neither of us spent much of the trip working on projects, but instead we simply enjoyed lots of moderates and tried to seek out the funnest climbs. I also spent a fair amount of time hiking around and looking for new boulders. The definite highlight of the trip for me was finding, cleaning, and climbing a new problem up the right fork, which I'll post about next. I also have some pictures from our trip to Moe's Valley that I'll post soon. For now, here are some images.

Cortney on Pimpin JeansThis Is An Actual Hold
Pocket RocketUMWACortney at the Mansize AreaWills AfireWood AfireMule Deer up the Right ForkCortney at Area 51ChipsOwMe on Resident EvilSelf-Service

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