Saturday, January 8, 2011

River Boulders Pics

The winter of 2011 has been pretty wet thus far, and I haven't done much climbing to speak of. I did get out last weekend to our wonderful local river boulders with Cortney and a gang of monkeys. Despite the snow on the ground, the "closure" of Reiter Road, and the height of the river, we were able to get some frosty climbing in.

Issac and Drew on a New ProblemBlue on an Unnamed ProblemFrosty SceneryRaymond Cole AllenDrew on A Joel C Problem
The real highlight of the weekend was Johnny's first ascent of All of the Above, the spread-eagle compression problem featured after the credits of my fall Leavenworth video. I was able to get footage of the first ascent, which I'll post when I get access to a fast internet connection. With the obvious exception for Hagakure, All of the Above is probably the second most classic boulder problem in Index; in the company of stand-alone five-star problems like Built to Last, the Architect, Frankenstein, and Midnite, that is a proud boast.

Here are some pictures. It looks like a long rainy front will move in this week, so I guess I will see you all in the gym. Ugh...

All of the AboveJohnny Bailing Just Before SendingWalkin' Out

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