Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gold Bar Freshies

I thought I would post some pictures from the last several weeks in Gold Bar. The warm temps here in Washington this August have pushed us further into the woods, seeking shelter from the open swelter of lower, more recently-logged venues...

There is no word yet on progress with the road. We have recieved indication from DNR that we may be able to get a key to the gate by getting a written statement from Manke Timber that we are licensed to use their land. We are on our way to working this out, but need to get initial DNR approval that Manke's easement will even allow it. And then there is the logistics issue: one key, several keys, a key drop, RF cards for everyone, poaching and an eventual shutdown, who knows what will happen? I will post updates here.

The road's closure has definitely reduced the traffic in the area, but there have still been a good amount of people hiking up. Cortney, Joel, and I have been hiking up to the top of the clearcut on Friday night with all of our stuff and camping for the whole weekend. We have been joined by the occasional non-climbing friends, and having great campfires with the whole hillside to ourselves. It's a bit of a slog to hike all the way up with overnight weight, but on Saturday morning you've got the world at your fingertips for two whole days...

Anyhow, here are photos of some new problems. Most of these are so far up the hill it's impossible to give directions. I hope these pics encourage everyone to get out!!!

Cortney and I Warming UpJoel on the Back of the Volition Boulder, 150 yd NW of the DojaCortney on a New ClimbMe on Use It or Lose ItCortney in Frog Pose above Isabel CreekJoel on His New 5-Star Problem Tres

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