Saturday, May 15, 2010

Leavenworth Pics

Cortney and I have made it out to Leavenworth during the last two weekends, and have had lots of fun adventures. I'm continually amazed at the amount of new development occurring in the Icicle; there are probably three or four new small areas that have popped up this spring.

Wonderful SceneryKeri Warming Up at the Machine Gun

One really nice area that was developed last season is the Domestic Boulders, perched on the sloping hillside above the Domestic Dome crag. This is a wonderful area that seems to be the first of many mini-clusters found on top of existing roped-climbing crags. The approach is long by Icicle standards, but still only ten minutes or so, and there are a handful of fantastic problems - mostly established by the indomitable Kyle O'Meara. The problem names are all a bit strange, but the climbing is fantastic. Cortney and I returned to this area last weekend with our good friends Joe and Keri, and I was excited to finally climb Kyle's five star problem Domestic Violence - I had heard lots of good things about it, but hadn't seen it since Kyle established it.

Me on Domestic ViolenceThe Domestic BouldersCortney and Keri on Bootin' DookieThe Balls Wall - Future Hard, Dangerous Problems
Another fun area is the Scat Boulders, a spread-out upper Icicle area that is roughly a twenty minute hike from the road. I visited this area a few weeks ago with Drew Shick and Max Hasson, and was impressed both with the stone and with the basic fact that there are boulders that far up the hillside!

Drew Schick on Two Scat Boulders Problems

Finally, the whole group of monkeys put up a few problems two weeks ago on a boulder about 100 yards uphill from the Cotton Pony Pointer. This steep wall could offer a few more climbs if someone gets excited to do the cleaning...

Joel Above The C.P.P.

I'll cut this short because I have an exam this coming week, but I wanted to share some pictures of our adventures... Hope everyone has been getting outdoors!

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