Thursday, March 5, 2009

Camp Serene + Beach Boulder

I made it outside this past weekend with Cortney, Drew Schick, and some of his friends from Ellensburg. We started at the Camp Serene boulder, warming up and playing on the tall, clean lines on the back. Cortney was really close on the center line, coming within inches from snagging the lip several times, and taking some big falls in the process.

At the Beach Boulder later in the day, we enjoyed the scenery and played on J-High, with Drew sending the problem for the first time, and me being unable to repeat it. Go figure. It was fun to play around in the rocks at the river's edge, and to just be outside on a sunny, not-too-cold March day. Later in the afternoon, the rest of the guys went off to the Five Star Boulder, and Cortney and I explored and looked at some projects. While we didn't find anything special, it was very refreshing to trudge around in the woods on a rock-hunting mission. Hopefully we'll be able to climb again before too long - I've got a lot coming up in the next couple weeks. Here are the pics:

Eric on the Camp Serene Boulder The Beach Boulder Drew below J-High Kyakers passing the Beach Boulder Kyle O'Meara's problem Built To Last, across the Skykomish from the Beach Boulder Hamburgler and another problem Mt. Index

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