Thursday, November 6, 2008

River Boulder Afternoon

Wednesday afternoon I cut out of school after class and went to the River Boulders. Johnny called in sick to work and came along - I think we both needed to take advantage of the break in the rain and do a bit of climbin'. We only got a few hours of climbing in before the sun set, but it was really nice to be outdoors and we both got our fair share of climbing. I tried Chutzpah a bit, but had a really tough time with it. I think the peely, thin "condition" of my skin greatly reduces the amount of friction they can create. I usually have almost no visible fingerprints... A fact which doesn't really manifest on Leavenworth's grainy stone, but makes itself painfully obvious on the glassy rock of the river boulders. At least I don't have to wear gloves when I'm out committing crimes...

"The arc of the railroad tracks is long, but it bends toward the river boulders..."
The Chutzpah boulder
Me warming up
Me, psyched
Johnny attempting some toe-hook funkiness

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