Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Videos

I had a nice, non-climbing Saturday this weekend, and finished editing some footage from earlier this summer. I uploaded two videos to youtube, but I'm looking into how to upload them directly here and bypass the mainstream exposure... For the time being though, it works.

Here's Joel on two climbs, Gates of Fire in GB and Cheese and Crack Whores in Leavenworth:

And here's Johnny climbing The Frog in Index:

I only give the names for these problems tentatively, as the first ascent history for all three is unclear. I'm tired of hearing the assumptions, contradictions, and general b.s. surrounding questionable first ascents, and I'm already guilty of too many misnomers or mis-credits in Central Washington Bouldering. I do kind of enjoy gathering up all the different names people come up with for the same problem. But honestly, if one more person tells me they put up The Doja...

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